Jazzart | About

Who is Susan ‘Jazz’ Mendenhall?

One who values the principles of simple living, relishes one-on-one conversations, practices yoga and Pilates, swims and runs, a fan of English murder mysteries, loves strong hot coffee, a masterful storyteller and published writer, admirer of Eleanor Roosevelt, creator of celebrations, has her studio in a house named 'Rumley'. Her daily mantra?   'Finding the sacred in the everyday and the extraordinary in the ordinary'.

Why the name JazzArt?

Jazz music is creative. A jazz tune comes first as an idea, inspired by passion, and then played with enthusiasm. It speaks of the energy of life. This is true of the inspiration of the stories and designs of JazzArt. It begins with a thought, inspired by its passion for an aspect of life, then designed with energy and spirit. Through words and colors, shapes and lines, Jazz, the artist, plays!